Films I’m gonna go see in 2009 (wanna come?)

In no particular order:

Milk – Sean Penn stars as San Francisco political-type guy fighting for gay rights in Gus van Sant’s latest effort (still have to watch his last two, but Elephant was brilliant). Sean Penn looks brilliant, James Franco looks hot, oh, and the film is meant to be pretty good too. (Only criticism I’ve heard is that there are not enough sex scenes, which is an odd thing to focus on in a political/assassination film 
even if the lead character is gay!)

Watchmen – best graphic novel of all time, director of 300, 3D, CG, blah blah blah… all the hype is getting a bit tiring, but the new website has gotten me excited again.  And it all looks pretty darn cool. True to the comic yet very filmic. Which is what Alan Moore does so well in his comics, and comics do so well in general (as proved by the box office gross). I think it’s fair to say that Watchmen is this years ‘The Dark Knight’ in Casa Luchador (that’s fighter in Spanish I’ve been told).

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – The first time I heard about this adaptation I was super excited… and I’ve been trying to maintain that excitement, but sadly it has waned a bit to ‘quite excited’. I am still looking forward to it though – just not super-hyped up about it. F Scott Fitzgerald’s short story sounds fascinating and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve adapted it. And if they managed to pull off the special/make-up effects.

Coraline – yes, it’s another Neil Gaiman adaptation (this won’t make sense, but keep in mind that I wrote these little blurbs backwards/upside down/down to up/whatever makes sense).
 Completely unrelated aside: I love Neil Gaiman’s work. I still remember (speaks in whistful dreamy faraway voice) the first time I saw one of his novels in a bookstore, shortly after Mike introduced me to The Sandman graphic novels (also because of Dave McKean’s amazing cover artwork). I was still trying to impress Mike and pretending I was interested in comics (*see note below about Preacher) and he had a book voucher to spend. I think it was Stardust that we first bought, quickly followed by Anansi Boys and American Gods. I think we may now have almost the complete collection.
Coraline is going to be the world’s first 3D stop-motion feature film, directed and adapted by Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas). It’s gonna be great!
W. – if you can’t laugh about him then we’d all end up standing round inflatable statues throwing shoes at him… Even though Oliver Stone’s biopic has had mixed reviews, I’m still curious enough to want to see it when it’s out (on DVD maybe?).
Vicky Christina Barcelona – the title intrigues me, and anything set in Spain has to be worth a quick look, right? I’m not the biggest Woody Allen fan, and have only seen one or two of his films, but this one looks interesting enough.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – aka Heath Ledger’s last film. But maybe also, hopefully, a success for Terry Gilliam, who is now busy resurrecting his Don Quixote project. The amazing cast that came together to help him save Dr Parnassus speaks volumes for it’s potential. Plus Gilliam really deserves a break!  I’ve got my fingers crossed for him.
Amelia – The story of Amelia Earhart, my childhood hero, starring Hilary Swank in the lead. Haven’t heard much about this film to be honest, but the tidbits look promising. (and whoever gets me one of those leather aviator helmets with matching goggles will be my best friend forever!)

The Lovely Bones – seems to have been in production for sooooooo long, and has hit quite a few snags along the way, so I’d just be amazed to actually see it out. Plus, you’ve gotta support home-grown (Hollywood backed) films, dontcha?
Tintin – more from PJ’s Miramar stable. Loved this comic as a kid (and it was the only comic I read until Mike made me read Preacher*), and I’ll probably make the niece and nephews sit through this one many a time if it’s any good. Plus I’m intrigued to see what the 3D mo-cap CG effects will look like. And it’s looking like a great ensemble cast.
New York, I Love You – The ‘sequel’ to Paris, Je T’aime (my favourite compilation-of-short films-with-multiple-directors,-casts-and-crews-but-all-linked-by-being-set-in-the-same-city). “NY, I love you” (which I still think should have been called ‘I heart NY‘ is set to be along the same lines but, you guessed it, set in New York, from some new and some old contributors. Should be some little gems in there amongst the weirdness (think: Elijah Wood as vampire).

Up – yay!!!! New Pixar film. yay!!!
Where the Wild Things Are – Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the classic children’s book looks stunning! Plagued with all sorts of rumours and re-shoots, it’s finally being released this year and I can’t wait. (And whoever gets me a ‘Wild Things’ skateboard will be my best friend forever).
Neverwhere?rumours online suggest it’s being made and may be coming out this year, but they are old rumours and there’s no word about it anywhere reliable. If and when it does get re-made as a film I can’t wait to see it! Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere was a 6-part BBC series, which Gaiman adapted as a novel as the TV series was being made. The novel is much more entertaining and has aged far better, and I think, could be easily adapted to a film. Seeing as almost all Gaiman’s books and comics are in some stage of adaptation this one can’t be too far away.
* Note to anyone wanting to get their girlfriend to read comics: Preacher, though brilliant, is probably not the best one to start her on. Try Sandman or Fables first, and avoid anything with possessed preachers, Irish vampires and characters called ‘Saint of Killers’. Best save this one til she’s warmed up the medium a bit!

3 responses to “Films I’m gonna go see in 2009 (wanna come?)

  1. Out now: Milk, W.6th Feb: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Coraline13th Feb: New York, I Love YouMarch 6th: WatchmenMay 29th: UpComing 2009: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Amelia, The Lovely Bones, Where the Wild Things AreNot coming til after 2009 (oops!): TintinComing maybe: Neverwhere

  2. ooooooh tintin… sign me up. i saw the preview for the curious case of benj button a couple of weeks back when i went to see the yes man (which i really enjoyed, and anyone who disses me for it i will accuse of being pretentious and po-faced), and it is indeed a curious case. It could go either way, really good or absolutely terrible, so let me know your verdict.

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