Watchmen – World Building

As some of you may be aware there’s a little film called Watchmen coming out. For those of you that have never heard of it (FOR SHAME!) Watchmen is the greatest graphic novel ever made. It’s on Times magazine’s Top 100 novels of all time list and really is just quite neat.
It is also dense and people have long thought that it would be impossible to bring to the screen due to the crazy amount of depth and history layered into the book. At the end of each chapter there are text sections designed to explain and expand the alternate history of this world where superheroes have been running around since the 1940s.
The film makers don’t have text pages to fill in the gaps, so they’re using YouTube and tie-in dvd’s to help explain the world better. The first of which is this “news item” from 1970 about DR MANHATTAN (Watchmen’s version of superman). It’s very cool.

But even better is this awesome faux PSA from 1977 about the KEENE ACT which outlawed masked vigilanties.

I love this video. It’s era appropriate and funny without being too silly or breaking character.
While we’ve yet to see if Zack Snyder has been able to pull off Watchmen, if these videos are anything to go by, he’s giving it his all.
And by the way I don’t think just closing the window is going to keep Rorschach out.

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