By now most people have either seen Star Trek or decided that it’s not worth their time. Terabytes of data have also passed over the interweb as people have published their opinions on it.

The most surprising thing about all of this is that the reviews have been almost universally positive. And for a remake of a franchise that is the very epitome of geekiness (even I look down at Trekkies a little) and that most people thought was dead, this is amazing.
It probably also explains why it’s been such a hit, although it’s a bit sad if the tag line for a movie should be “Go see it because it’s not shit”.
I finally got around to seeing it last week at Imax and despite being distracted by the new Kirk’s bad skin (I blame my friend Katie for pointing it out, although I’d like to see anyone who’s skin looks good when blown up to Imax proportions) I can report that indeed the new Star Trek is not shit. In fact it’s really good.
But I’m not going to waste any more of your time with a long winded review (that’ll be a first). I’ve already written more than I intended, so here is my “final opinion in 25 words or less”
I really liked Star Trek. It’s a fun film, clever reboot and good start to a new franchise, while paying respect to the old. (24 words, sweet!)
If you want a more in depth review, go and read some of the other reviews floating around out there.

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