Small Blacks TV

A bit of flagrant self-promotion here…

Mike has spent the past few months slaving away tirelessly on the kids TV show that is ‘Small Blacks TV’. For those of you who do not have rugby-mad-children, Small Blacks TV is a kids show about rugby, starring most of the All Blacks and many rugby-mad-children.

It’s a proper half hour show (i.e. actually 30 minutes long not ‘commercial half hour’ which is closer to 23 minutes these days) and Mike has been the sole editor for the bulk of post. Alot of work for one lonely editor! So he’s worked bloody hard, and the show looks brilliant. According to everyone involved it’s been a big step up from past years and full credit to the team for all their hard work.

Small Blacks TV is on Sunday mornings at 7.30am on TV2.
Check out the Small Blacks site here or watch the show on Demand (warning: ads!).

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