Toy Story 3

Can’t say much about this latest masterpiece from Pixar/Disney without revealing the plot, and as I’m rushed for time, this will be a rather brief review-ish. I can say it is awesome. We saw it last night in 3D – very subtle 3D and I’d say it’ll look just as good in plain old 2D, even though 3D does add that extra dimension…. Anyways, we watched the first two Toy Story films last week as a wee refresher, and were once again reminded how brilliant Pixar’s story-telling really is. Oh, and the animation of course.

The third, and probably final, film deals with Andy going away to college. What’s gonna happen to his toys? Adventures ensue, chases, rescues, escapes, kids – good and bad – and toys – good, bad and something in between.
I was reminded of the brilliance of Pixar’s storytelling ability near the end where * SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING * a group of toys accept their fate. It’s a beautiful little moment, with each coming to the same conclusion at a different stage and in a different way. Obviously, it being a kids movie, you can’t really kill off any of the characters, but seeing the toys accept that they will die is much more touching than actually killing one/some off. I think the scene, in fact the whole movie, needs to be watched, as I find myself struggling to explain it as well as it deserves. * END SPOILER *
Instead, I’m going to quote from Empire’s article in the July 2010 edition:

Centred around a brilliant prison-break pastiche, it brings the dominant themes of the second film to a head – loyalty and friendship, the fear of abandonment – and does not sugar-coat them; there are moments of true anguish here. Naturally there are just as many moments of inspired comedy, tremendous warmth and all the other hallmarks of a Pixar classic.

And I’ll finish with this other quote from Empire, which Mike and I found ourselves agreeing with wholeheartedly…

You may well find, you have grown even more fond of [the Toy Story saga] than you imagine.

Toy Story 3 – out now

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