How to Start Watching Doctor Who…

I was a big Doctor Who fan as a kid and last year I finally decided to give the new show (from 2005 onwards) a go and it was well worth it. Hilleke and I blasted through all 5 seasons quite quickly and to my surprise I not only loved it but it became my favourite TV show. Even more surprising was the fact that Hilleke went from openly mocking it to loving it also. The premise, the creativity and the fact that pretty much anything can and does happen are a heady mix. Then there’s The Doctor himself, a friendly, lovable, pacifist who is capable of genocide if the situation calls for it. Even at it’s worst Dr Who is more inventive and creative than 90 percent of the shows on telly and at it’s best it is incredible. Anyway here’s a link to an article about how to start watching Doctor Who. Personally I say start at the 2005 series and move on from there.


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