Little Fighters’ news update

Well, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog front for us. We’ve had our heads down/tails up working away on Small Blacks TV for the past few months, while tinkering away at a few of our own projects quietly in the background. Now Small Blacks is over halfway through the season (well, technically episode 13 goes to air this weekend, but we’re more than halfway done), we’ll have a bit more time to focus on other projects.

One of these is a series of cycling ‘etiquette’ videos we are hoping to make. We’re applying for funding through a WCC grant which will help cover costs. The goal of the videos is to try to promote safe and responsible cycling behaviour in a humourous and engaging way. We quite like the style of the 60’s PSA style videos which occasionally pop up (there’s a great Harry Enfield spoof titled “Women, know your limits!”). We’re hoping to make a series of videos like this, showing appropriate (or sometimes inappropriate) cycling behaviour. Fingers crossed the funding comes through!

In other news, Mike recently entered his script ‘Te Ara’ (or ‘The Pathway’) in the Pikihuia Writers Awards. He’s just heard that his script has been shortlisted. Very exciting! I have no idea how short the shortlist is, but there are two more stages to get through – finalists are announced end of June and winners in August. The prize is a very tidy $2000 which will more than help get filming underway on his short. So fingers crossed he makes it through!
We’re also in the process of putting together a couple of proposals for Fresh Shorts, which will hopefully get some of these film ideas rattling around in our heads onto a screen somewhere sometime soon!
So that’s what’s keeping us busy. How bout you?

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