Homegrown: Works on Film

Two more films today and lots of work to do before we go, so just a quick recap of my thoughts for Homegrown: Works on Film…

Overall, I think the quality was higher than last years batch of shorts we saw – there weren’t any terrible films this year, but there also weren’t any blow-your-mind-away films.
So we saw:
Blue by Stephen Kang, Ebony Society by Tammy Davis, Eeling by Peter McCully, Bird by Jane Shearer, Meathead by Sam Holst and Preferably Blue by Alan Dickson.
Blue and Ebony Society (despite the terrible title) stood out as my favourites. I found Eeling just a wee bit disgusting, Bird had very clunky dialogue, Meathead was slightly insulting and Preferably Blue was a blatant rip off of Nightmare Before Christmas (although nicely done, with Harry Enfield providing the narration).
Blue has a great concept and is well told. Ebony Society has a very sweet story about a couple of boys doing good for a change and some great young acting talent. It was also the only short with quite a bit of dialogue that worked.
Overall, it seems the less dialogue in your film the less awkward/uncomfortable it is. With the exception of sex scenes with eels, that is… those are always awkward.
This afternoon, we’re off to see ‘Weekend’ by Andrew Haigh (our friend David’s brother) and Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D later on. Updates on those tomorrow hopefully…

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