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More work for Greater Wellington

This year has been a busy one for Greater Wellington. We’ve worked on a few projects with their Sustainable transport team. Here’s a few:

Sexy Zen Driving

Greater Wellington want to encourage the love between drivers and other road users. They came to us to try something a bit different with their video campaign. This series, written by the talented Sarah Harpur and directed by Mike Townsend, was the result.

Long time…

We’ve been a bit quiet on the website. Mainly because Hilleke has taken a break to raise our young son and go back to Uni, while Mike has been picking up the slack for the company.

But we thought it was time for an update. Mostly because we’ve been upgrading gear again. Our suites now come with extra RAM and harddrive space, and the fresh new Adobe CC set of products. These handle 4k footage with ease. Beautiful!

Check out the Projects tab to see what else we’ve been up to.

We got an Avid!

With the future of Final Cut Pro pretty much decided (and Premiere not quite stepping up yet to take it’s place), Mike has been keen to get his hands on an Avid suite. We heard that Big World Zoo were selling off the old Blue Bike Avids and jumped at the chance to snap one up.

Mike was involved in the initial purchase of these suites, way back in the Cuba St days, so it’s a bit of a homecoming of sorts. We’re in the process of upgrading the PC (more RAM, up-to-date OS and much more internal storage – whoever thought a 75Gb internal drive would do? – gpr!) and will also update the old Avid Xpress HD software to the latest version of Avid MC 6.5 (with 7 due out soon).

It’s still a pretty grunty system, running 3.6GHz processor and a graphics card to make most gamers envious. With a couple of (Ultra)Sharp monitors, it will make a beautiful little suite.

Once it’s all state-of-the-art up-to-date awesomeness, we will be looking at hiring it out as well. Get in touch if you’re interested.

In addition to this, we now have a beautiful 23″ monitor hooked up to the iMac, and very little desk space left… time to start looking at a bigger office!

Toyota Racing Series

Mike’s currently up in the big big smoke (aka Auckland), editing a series for Toyota Racing Series at Volt TV. It’s a pretty tight turnaround – they shoot the race over the weekend with a multitude of cameras, bring back the footage on Sunday night, getting it ready for Mike to cut and deliver by Friday. It airs on Sky Sport on Friday night (with repeats throughout the week) and repeats on Prime on Saturday 2.30pm.

Here’s a preview of race two:

TRS press release

Cargobike marketing

We’ve found the cargo-bike attracts more than a cursory glance from passers-by – more so when you load it up with cute nephews and niece!

The Friendly Cyclist – publicity

It’s amazing what a difference a name makes!

When we came up with the idea for ‘The Friendly Cyclist‘ videos we could never have imagined the attention they’d get. We’ve more than exceeded our targets in the first week, with a city-wide poster and flyer campaign still to launch. And it’s all thanks to a very generous English actor…





Wellington Zoo – The Nest – Te Kohanga

Another project we’ve been lucky enough to work on (editing, title design and DVD), is the new DVD for Wellington Zoo’s The Nest – Te Kohanga. They’re an amazing dedicated team up at The Nest and it was a pleasure to create a DVD which would do their work justice.

The new DVD is already playing, so check it out next time you’re at the Zoo!

Fuse Circus – meet the Campground Chaos crew

After a few tweaks, we’ve uploaded the teaser trailer we cut for Fuse Circus.

An ongoing project we have is trying to get funding to make a documentary following Fuse around as they perform their busking stage show around the country.

See the trailer for their show here.

Cargo bike!

Here’s our new cargo bike! We’re still deciding where to put our logo, but soon we’ll be hitting the streets. Wellington’s (and possibly NZ’s) first cycling film crew!