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Cargobike marketing

We’ve found the cargo-bike attracts more than a cursory glance from passers-by – more so when you load it up with cute nephews and niece!

The Friendly Cyclist – publicity

It’s amazing what a difference a name makes!

When we came up with the idea for ‘The Friendly Cyclist‘ videos we could never have imagined the attention they’d get. We’ve more than exceeded our targets in the first week, with a city-wide poster and flyer campaign still to launch. And it’s all thanks to a very generous English actor…





The Friendly Cyclist

After Mrs Farthing’s photo shoot with the Mayor “The Friendly Cyclist” team took some snaps to commemorate the launch of The Friendly Cyclist videos and website. Missing are Morgan, Stephen and Marilyn, without whom the videos would be a pale shadow of their current beauty.

And check out the Dom Post’s Our Wellington page on the 14th August for the story and photos with Sarah and Celia. It will also be up on The Wellington City Council website.

Photo bomb!

The cargo bike box is large enough to hold a cycling advocate!

Luckily Patrick got out before we closed the lid.

Cargo bike! (update)

The signage is done and the bike looks great! We’re getting a bit of attention. Apparently bright yellow stands out. If you see us out and about come up and say hi.

Mike and Hilleke taking it for a test ride, while waiting for the Mayor… As you do!



On a sunnier day, with a lesser camera.

Cargo bike!

Here’s our new cargo bike! We’re still deciding where to put our logo, but soon we’ll be hitting the streets. Wellington’s (and possibly NZ’s) first cycling film crew!


Mike’s been back in the home office for a few days and I’ve very graciously let him work on our main editing computer, while I chip away at a few other things. One of the jobs on my To-Do list, was updating the website.

Up until now, we’ve gone through various iterations of our website. I’ve created an overly designed and slow Dreamweaver version, we had a blog on Google’s blogger and the site was hosted in Google Sites. This worked well enough, but it’s always irked me that we have the blog and site on different platforms. So I thought I’d see how Blogger manages pages. It seemed okay, but just wasn’t as tidy a solution as other sites I write for, which are hosted on

So, we’ve made the switch to WordPress. What do you think? We’re always open to suggestions (Russell?)…

I’ve also been convinced/persuaded/offered to update the Frocks on Bikes website and switch the Wellington Cycle Chic site over to WordPress. There’s another site I’m working on, but it’s still hush hush just now. More news on that soon, I promise!

2 Walk and Cycle Conference

As any of you who know Hilleke may be aware, she is quite keen on all things bike. Recently she was asked to represent Cycle Aware Wellington at the annual cycling conference. Taking this opportunity with both hands she managed to attend the conference, film some of the conference and spend a good part of the three days on a cargo bike (more news on that soon)!
Here are some of the presentations and highlights:
Frocks on Bikes – fashion parade

Cyclists – Stop at Red – Give respect, get respect

This is a wee project we’ve been working on for the Cycling Advocates Network.

Aimed at improving cyclist ‘perceived’ behaviour and improving their image.
The challenge was to not make cycling look dangerous (because it really isn’t), while using appeals from our ‘peers’ (aka other cyclists) to change behaviour and attitudes. Hopefully we ticked those boxes.
It’s also the first project we shot with our new Canon Eos and Canon 24-105mm f/4 L series lens. I’m pretty pleased with the footage. And Mike’s been experimenting with Adobe Premiere and After Effects on our new iMac, and I think he’s been pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to switch between platforms.
We also made a little informative video in which Mike demonstrates how to trigger traffic lights. Hope you enjoy!

Cycling videos

The Little Fighter team are quite keen on cycling. We don’t get out nearly often enough, but we make up for it with enthusiasm. I blame it on my tenuous Dutch links…

Here in lil ole NZ there’s a bit of a pro-cycling groundswell forming. In a country where most people hang up their helmets when they turn 15 and get the keys to Mum’s Corolla and never look back, it seems more people are cycling than ever before. It also helps that petrol prices are sky-rocketing!
We’ve been involved with a few different groups around town – the roadies when we were training for the Taupo Cycle Challenge, the off-roaders and the chic cyclists who endeavour to make cycling cool again.
Our latest venture has been to make an event video for the lovely ladies at Frock on Bikes. These ladies organise all sorts of events, most of them involving looking good on your bike and making your bike work for you.
The video below is of their latest big event, Love to Roll
And the video below, is one we made in response to the shocking number of cyclist deaths on our roads last year. It was a very quick turnaround (from inception to upload was only 5 days) and we thank everyone who supported the making of, including the lovely folks at Big World Zoo (who leant their camera and XQ for free) and CAN.