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I used to love papyrus and used it for everything (…until I discovered ‘chiller’. Now of course I use Helvetica, or preferable Myriad Pro). It pains me now everytime I see it used (chiefly on beauty salon or florist signs). I’d humour clients when they’d want an ‘elegant’ font by throwing in one papyrus sample to test their style. Clients don’t have style, who am I kidding?!?

People sure do feel passionately about it though. Love or hate it. It’s still just a font.

Half the fun of XKCD is the comments you get when you scroll over the comic:

“I secretly, deep in my guilty heart, like Papyrus and don’t care if it’s overused. (Cue hate-mail in beautifully kerned-Helvetica)”

Dave McKean interview

Favourite author of mine, Neil Gaiman, recently posted a link on his blog to favourite artist of mine, Dave McKean. Check out this self-portrait:

Is it a photo? Is it painted? Is it real? Where did those fish come from??? Who knows…
Of course, I know him best from Sandman covers and will always love these the most.

But all his work is splendidly fantastical and oh so scary & compelling!
The interview itself does appear to be quite long, but it’s worth scrolling through just for the amazing samples of artwork. I just love his stuff!
As well as talking about his new film, Luna, and lots of his other work, including his last film, Mirrormask… very pretty… check it out 🙂

Love it!

Obama ‘Hope’ image – mystery solved

Apparently there’s been a search going on, since this image first appeared, to find the original photo. The mystery has finally solved, in the most American way possible, with Associated Press suing designer Shepard Fairey for ‘credit and compensation’ saying “it’s use required permission.”

Fair enough, I’d say, if the photo had been taken by one of their photographers (as it apparently has) and blatantly used in its original form. But surely when the image has been altered to such an extent that it takes a hoard of bloggers, design geeks examining metadata and  ‘image-recognition software’ to determine the source of the original photo, then it has gone beyond the point where you can fairly claim ownership. 

There are so many similar photos of Obama in this pose (as shown below and here) that the artist could easily claim to have used any one of them.

Happily, some clever people at Paste Magazine have come up with a little thingee called an ‘Obamicon generator‘ where you can ‘Obama’ your own picture. So if you haven’t seen a tonne of them already, prepare yourself for a barrage of ‘Hope’ style t-shirts heading to a market near you!  
Mixing The Joker and politics? Surely a dangerous combo!
Watch out Warhol and Che, Obama’s gonna getcha!