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Emma cheats death! (Sensationalized headline to draw attention)

Check out our latest efforts… and one of the first with the new gear:

This video was commissioned by Greater Wellington Regional Council to help promote safer speeds and “looking both ways” when crossing.
Many thanks to Emma and Pat – they were both great to work with!

Some editing ‘in’ jokes…

These have been around for a while, but I spotted them again the other day on an editing blog I occasionally visit, and thought they were worth sharing. Origins of these clips, and more here.

new macky

So, a little over two weeks ago, Mike and I succumbed and bought ourselves a new MacBook Pro. This had been on the wish-list for quite sometime, never quite making it to the top, but fate – and a job – intervened and one was acquired promptly. Now, after Mike’s two week stint at Comic Relief, I finally get to have a little play with our new Macky (or ‘little macbook’ as he prefers to be called).

Of course, with any new piece of equipment you need the necessary accessories. Our old satchel style laptop bag was just too heavy with all the gears in it, so I went on the look out for a laptop backpack, which was big enough for a 15.4 inch widescreen laptop and had compartments for other stuff (drives, cables, etc)… plus was waterproof, well-padded, and not hideous to look at. The winner on the day… eventually… was Crumpler’s Pyjama Pride. I still haven’t worked out what all the zips and gadgets, attachments and pockets are for, but it’s beautiful! And big… but then it has to be to fit all our gear!

It may seem that I love the bag more than the mac…. and in a way this might be true. Having worked on brand new Mac Pro towers for the past year, breaking in a new mac isn’t quite as exciting to me as it used to be… but a new bag… well, the girly geek in me just loves new bags. And combining bag shopping with gadget-y storage type stuff… well, if this editing/film thing doesn’t work out, I think I’ll be knocking on Crumplers door asking for a job!

But the new MacBook is here to stay, in all it’s lovely sleek Apple glory. Everyone join me for long drawn-out sigh of contentment… *aaaahhhhhhhhh*