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40 years of Sesame Street

Sometimes you have to take a moment to look back on what inspired you to do what you do today. And for many people in TV that would be early TV shows. So today I’d like to say a big Happy Birthday to Sesame Street (or Sesamstraat in Dutch)!

And this very fun clip is what it’s all about:

(Thanks to The Guardian website for this clip and others)


Movie Character Interactions by XKCD

Crazy, fascinating, confusing and somewhat pointless… but nevertheless very cool.
Check out XKCD’s ‘charts’ of Movie Character Interactions.

(click on image or link to embiggen)

Pixar vs Dreamworks

I’d love to know where this picture came from originally (please comment if you know), but I think it illustrates quite nicely what Mike and I thought of Kung Fu Panda!

(click to embiggen)

Latest MacBook

Must get JB to write the code that will get our MacBook doing this!

(Thanks Jared for sharing this!)


I used to love papyrus and used it for everything (…until I discovered ‘chiller’. Now of course I use Helvetica, or preferable Myriad Pro). It pains me now everytime I see it used (chiefly on beauty salon or florist signs). I’d humour clients when they’d want an ‘elegant’ font by throwing in one papyrus sample to test their style. Clients don’t have style, who am I kidding?!?

People sure do feel passionately about it though. Love or hate it. It’s still just a font.

Half the fun of XKCD is the comments you get when you scroll over the comic:

“I secretly, deep in my guilty heart, like Papyrus and don’t care if it’s overused. (Cue hate-mail in beautifully kerned-Helvetica)”

Some editing ‘in’ jokes…

These have been around for a while, but I spotted them again the other day on an editing blog I occasionally visit, and thought they were worth sharing. Origins of these clips, and more here.