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Long time…

We’ve been a bit quiet on the website. Mainly because Hilleke has taken a break to raise our young son and go back to Uni, while Mike has been picking up the slack for the company.

But we thought it was time for an update. Mostly because we’ve been upgrading gear again. Our suites now come with extra RAM and harddrive space, and the fresh new Adobe CC set of products. These handle 4k footage with ease. Beautiful!

Check out the Projects tab to see what else we’ve been up to.


We got an Avid!

With the future of Final Cut Pro pretty much decided (and Premiere not quite stepping up yet to take it’s place), Mike has been keen to get his hands on an Avid suite. We heard that Big World Zoo were selling off the old Blue Bike Avids and jumped at the chance to snap one up.

Mike was involved in the initial purchase of these suites, way back in the Cuba St days, so it’s a bit of a homecoming of sorts. We’re in the process of upgrading the PC (more RAM, up-to-date OS and much more internal storage – whoever thought a 75Gb internal drive would do? – gpr!) and will also update the old Avid Xpress HD software to the latest version of Avid MC 6.5 (with 7 due out soon).

It’s still a pretty grunty system, running 3.6GHz processor and a graphics card to make most gamers envious. With a couple of (Ultra)Sharp monitors, it will make a beautiful little suite.

Once it’s all state-of-the-art up-to-date awesomeness, we will be looking at hiring it out as well. Get in touch if you’re interested.

In addition to this, we now have a beautiful 23″ monitor hooked up to the iMac, and very little desk space left… time to start looking at a bigger office!

The Friendly Cyclist

After Mrs Farthing’s photo shoot with the Mayor “The Friendly Cyclist” team took some snaps to commemorate the launch of The Friendly Cyclist videos and website. Missing are Morgan, Stephen and Marilyn, without whom the videos would be a pale shadow of their current beauty.

And check out the Dom Post’s Our Wellington page on the 14th August for the story and photos with Sarah and Celia. It will also be up on The Wellington City Council website.

Photo bomb!

The cargo bike box is large enough to hold a cycling advocate!

Luckily Patrick got out before we closed the lid.

Cargo bike! (update)

The signage is done and the bike looks great! We’re getting a bit of attention. Apparently bright yellow stands out. If you see us out and about come up and say hi.

Mike and Hilleke taking it for a test ride, while waiting for the Mayor… As you do!



On a sunnier day, with a lesser camera.

Cargo bike!

Here’s our new cargo bike! We’re still deciding where to put our logo, but soon we’ll be hitting the streets. Wellington’s (and possibly NZ’s) first cycling film crew!

A busy little edit suite

An old friend (and our wedding celebrant, coincidentally), Caroline, has been keeping me busy over the past few months with a variety of projects. She’s off on holiday now, so I get to take a break for other things!

The first was a favour for her personal trainer at the gym, and a great chance for us to use our camera for good. Grieg and Willie are raising funds for the Malaghan Institute by running one of the toughest marathons in the world. Meet Grieg and Willie:

One thing led to another, and we spent many Wednesday’s hoping for sunshine to film Mish ‘Putting the Well back into Wellington’

Thinking I could use some nice relaxing time out of town, Caroline then took us along to the beautiful Murdoch James vinyard, where we assisted in the shoot and edited these two videos:

Beautiful wines too! Can’t wait to go back for a visit.

What a week!

It has been a super exciting week for the Little Fighter team (Mike and me).

Aside from a rather large and significant gathering of friends which we’re having next week, we’ve made the papers twice this week!
Firstly, the Dom Post covered a safety campaign which we made the video for. Our star, Emma, made the front page with a rather large write up. And to top it off, they showed some of the video in a story on 3 News last night. Combined we’ve had over 6000 views and counting!
Here’s the video, if you’re one of the *six billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-four thousand* who haven’t seen it yet:
But possibly even more exciting, is the news today that we’ve been chosen as one of 12 finalists in the Make my Movie competition. With over 750 entries, even making it this far is a huge honour! But, really, we’d love to win it! And to do so, we need your support.
The judges are influenced by public (facebook) support. So if you have a facebook account, please go to this link:
And hit ‘Like’. And if you don’t have facebook yet, maybe it’s time to join up?
Here’s our poster design to give you a taster of what we want to make

Emma cheats death! (Sensationalized headline to draw attention)

Check out our latest efforts… and one of the first with the new gear:

This video was commissioned by Greater Wellington Regional Council to help promote safer speeds and “looking both ways” when crossing.
Many thanks to Emma and Pat – they were both great to work with!

Fuse Circus – Campground Chaos trailer

Forgot to post this at the time, but here’s a trailer for Fuse Circus which we cut a couple of months ago. We’re hoping to spend a bit more time filming with these talented performers this summer, so hope you enjoy this snippet of their work!

Little Fighters’ news update

Well, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog front for us. We’ve had our heads down/tails up working away on Small Blacks TV for the past few months, while tinkering away at a few of our own projects quietly in the background. Now Small Blacks is over halfway through the season (well, technically episode 13 goes to air this weekend, but we’re more than halfway done), we’ll have a bit more time to focus on other projects.

One of these is a series of cycling ‘etiquette’ videos we are hoping to make. We’re applying for funding through a WCC grant which will help cover costs. The goal of the videos is to try to promote safe and responsible cycling behaviour in a humourous and engaging way. We quite like the style of the 60’s PSA style videos which occasionally pop up (there’s a great Harry Enfield spoof titled “Women, know your limits!”). We’re hoping to make a series of videos like this, showing appropriate (or sometimes inappropriate) cycling behaviour. Fingers crossed the funding comes through!

In other news, Mike recently entered his script ‘Te Ara’ (or ‘The Pathway’) in the Pikihuia Writers Awards. He’s just heard that his script has been shortlisted. Very exciting! I have no idea how short the shortlist is, but there are two more stages to get through – finalists are announced end of June and winners in August. The prize is a very tidy $2000 which will more than help get filming underway on his short. So fingers crossed he makes it through!
We’re also in the process of putting together a couple of proposals for Fresh Shorts, which will hopefully get some of these film ideas rattling around in our heads onto a screen somewhere sometime soon!
So that’s what’s keeping us busy. How bout you?