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What a week!

It has been a super exciting week for the Little Fighter team (Mike and me).

Aside from a rather large and significant gathering of friends which we’re having next week, we’ve made the papers twice this week!
Firstly, the Dom Post covered a safety campaign which we made the video for. Our star, Emma, made the front page with a rather large write up. And to top it off, they showed some of the video in a story on 3 News last night. Combined we’ve had over 6000 views and counting!
Here’s the video, if you’re one of the *six billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-four thousand* who haven’t seen it yet:
But possibly even more exciting, is the news today that we’ve been chosen as one of 12 finalists in the Make my Movie competition. With over 750 entries, even making it this far is a huge honour! But, really, we’d love to win it! And to do so, we need your support.
The judges are influenced by public (facebook) support. So if you have a facebook account, please go to this link:
And hit ‘Like’. And if you don’t have facebook yet, maybe it’s time to join up?
Here’s our poster design to give you a taster of what we want to make

Cycling videos

The Little Fighter team are quite keen on cycling. We don’t get out nearly often enough, but we make up for it with enthusiasm. I blame it on my tenuous Dutch links…

Here in lil ole NZ there’s a bit of a pro-cycling groundswell forming. In a country where most people hang up their helmets when they turn 15 and get the keys to Mum’s Corolla and never look back, it seems more people are cycling than ever before. It also helps that petrol prices are sky-rocketing!
We’ve been involved with a few different groups around town – the roadies when we were training for the Taupo Cycle Challenge, the off-roaders and the chic cyclists who endeavour to make cycling cool again.
Our latest venture has been to make an event video for the lovely ladies at Frock on Bikes. These ladies organise all sorts of events, most of them involving looking good on your bike and making your bike work for you.
The video below is of their latest big event, Love to Roll
And the video below, is one we made in response to the shocking number of cyclist deaths on our roads last year. It was a very quick turnaround (from inception to upload was only 5 days) and we thank everyone who supported the making of, including the lovely folks at Big World Zoo (who leant their camera and XQ for free) and CAN.

Kiwi’s done good

Just a quick little heads up to a couple of kiwi film makers done good.

Louis Sutherland is a former colleague (all talented film makers need a pay cheque once in a while!) whose latest film, The Six Dollar Fifty Man, has done well at festivals around the world. Hopefully it’s paving its way to Oscar glory, which will ensure a wider release here, which will mean I actually get to see it!
Louis and film-making partner, Mark Albiston, are also behind the short, Run. Which I have seen. And which is very good. It captures a unique kiwi setting and is thoughtful in that unique way that only short films are.
More info here: Sticky Pictures

Internet Blackout NZ

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

Internet Blackout NZ
Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation and forces the termination of internet connections and websites without evidence, without a fair trial, and without punishment for any false accusations of copyright infringement. We should speak out against injustices like Guilt Upon Accusation being done in the name of artists and protecting creativity.

“So many people tut and say “Someone should do something”, but so few step forward and say “…and that someone is me” – Terry Pratchett