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More work for Greater Wellington

This year has been a busy one for Greater Wellington. We’ve worked on a few projects with their Sustainable transport team. Here’s a few:

Sexy Zen Driving

Greater Wellington want to encourage the love between drivers and other road users. They came to us to try something a bit different with their video campaign. This series, written by the talented Sarah Harpur and directed by Mike Townsend, was the result.

The Friendly Cyclist – publicity

It’s amazing what a difference a name makes!

When we came up with the idea for ‘The Friendly Cyclist‘ videos we could never have imagined the attention they’d get. We’ve more than exceeded our targets in the first week, with a city-wide poster and flyer campaign still to launch. And it’s all thanks to a very generous English actor…





Wellington Zoo – The Nest – Te Kohanga

Another project we’ve been lucky enough to work on (editing, title design and DVD), is the new DVD for Wellington Zoo’s The Nest – Te Kohanga. They’re an amazing dedicated team up at The Nest and it was a pleasure to create a DVD which would do their work justice.

The new DVD is already playing, so check it out next time you’re at the Zoo!

Fuse Circus – meet the Campground Chaos crew

After a few tweaks, we’ve uploaded the teaser trailer we cut for Fuse Circus.

An ongoing project we have is trying to get funding to make a documentary following Fuse around as they perform their busking stage show around the country.

See the trailer for their show here.

The Friendly Cyclist

After Mrs Farthing’s photo shoot with the Mayor “The Friendly Cyclist” team took some snaps to commemorate the launch of The Friendly Cyclist videos and website. Missing are Morgan, Stephen and Marilyn, without whom the videos would be a pale shadow of their current beauty.

And check out the Dom Post’s Our Wellington page on the 14th August for the story and photos with Sarah and Celia. It will also be up on The Wellington City Council website.

Photo bomb!

The cargo bike box is large enough to hold a cycling advocate!

Luckily Patrick got out before we closed the lid.

A busy little edit suite

An old friend (and our wedding celebrant, coincidentally), Caroline, has been keeping me busy over the past few months with a variety of projects. She’s off on holiday now, so I get to take a break for other things!

The first was a favour for her personal trainer at the gym, and a great chance for us to use our camera for good. Grieg and Willie are raising funds for the Malaghan Institute by running one of the toughest marathons in the world. Meet Grieg and Willie:

One thing led to another, and we spent many Wednesday’s hoping for sunshine to film Mish ‘Putting the Well back into Wellington’

Thinking I could use some nice relaxing time out of town, Caroline then took us along to the beautiful Murdoch James vinyard, where we assisted in the shoot and edited these two videos:

Beautiful wines too! Can’t wait to go back for a visit.

2 Walk and Cycle Conference

As any of you who know Hilleke may be aware, she is quite keen on all things bike. Recently she was asked to represent Cycle Aware Wellington at the annual cycling conference. Taking this opportunity with both hands she managed to attend the conference, film some of the conference and spend a good part of the three days on a cargo bike (more news on that soon)!
Here are some of the presentations and highlights:
Frocks on Bikes – fashion parade

Emma cheats death! (Sensationalized headline to draw attention)

Check out our latest efforts… and one of the first with the new gear:

This video was commissioned by Greater Wellington Regional Council to help promote safer speeds and “looking both ways” when crossing.
Many thanks to Emma and Pat – they were both great to work with!

Fuse Circus – Campground Chaos trailer

Forgot to post this at the time, but here’s a trailer for Fuse Circus which we cut a couple of months ago. We’re hoping to spend a bit more time filming with these talented performers this summer, so hope you enjoy this snippet of their work!