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Mike’s been back in the home office for a few days and I’ve very graciously let him work on our main editing computer, while I chip away at a few other things. One of the jobs on my To-Do list, was updating the website.

Up until now, we’ve gone through various iterations of our website. I’ve created an overly designed and slow Dreamweaver version, we had a blog on Google’s blogger and the site was hosted in Google Sites. This worked well enough, but it’s always irked me that we have the blog and site on different platforms. So I thought I’d see how Blogger manages pages. It seemed okay, but just wasn’t as tidy a solution as other sites I write for, which are hosted on

So, we’ve made the switch to WordPress. What do you think? We’re always open to suggestions (Russell?)…

I’ve also been convinced/persuaded/offered to update the Frocks on Bikes website and switch the Wellington Cycle Chic site over to WordPress. There’s another site I’m working on, but it’s still hush hush just now. More news on that soon, I promise!

***website update***

The new and improved (new design, improved website – see it can be both) Little Fighter Films website is now online.

Check it out here:
And make sure you take the time to say ‘hello’ to the ninja-monkey on the home page 😉

Website updated

Alright, so I’ll do anything to avoid going to the gym. Today I decided to redesign/update our website. I’ve added a little button linking to our blog and changed the backgrounds ever so slightly. It’s all part of my need to re-design everything every few months!
Check it out. The link is listed on the right (under ‘Exploring the World’)>>>